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Northbound releases Waves Of Whey, a 100% whey concentrate formula

waves of whey

Northbound Nutrition has launched another protein powder this week called Waves Of Whey. The product is separate from the brand’s first protein release, All Natural Protein, with its primary point of difference being the protein source that it uses.

The new Northbound Nutrition Waves Of Whey is a very straightforward whey protein concentrate formula. The brand’s original All Natural Protein is slightly different from that, as it features a blend combining slow digesting micellar casein and high-quality whey isolate.

Due to the use of different protein sources, the nutrition profile of Northbound’s new Waves Of Whey is not as lean as its other protein powder. Each serving provides 20g of protein, 2g of carbohydrates with a gram of that sugar, 2g of fat (half saturated), for a total of 110 calories.

Fans of Northbound Nutrition can now buy Waves Of Whey from the brand’s website in two 25 serving flavors with Mini Marshmallows and Cinnamon Frosting. Its price is $35.99 which is actually not as cost-effective as Northbound’s All Natural Protein when you calculate how much protein you get per dollar.