5% Nutrition and its athletes draw a massive crowd at BodyPower

May 12th, 2018
5 percent nutrition

The most recent supplement release from Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition is its more intense pre-workout Kill It Reloaded. The brand has in fact brought that product to this weekend’s BodyPower Expo in the UK, although that doesn’t appear to be the biggest attraction at its booth.

Right at the back of the NEC in Birmingham this weekend, is 5% Nutrition’s usual wide, but simple set up. While its booth layout is pretty much the same as always, the big difference here at BodyPower is that the brand has one of the biggest queues at the expo.

The reason this is surprising is because that wasn’t the case at the last couple of expos we saw 5% Nutrition. It seems it is 5% Nutrition athletes that are drawing the crowd, specifically the giant Martyn Ford and Jens “The Beast” Dalsgaard.