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Adapt maintains a lot of ingredients for its new Pre-Train V2

adapt pre-train v2

While Adapt Nutrition did say its all-new pre-workout supplement Pre-Train V2 wouldn’t be here until sometime next month. This week, the brand and its latest product have surprised us, as V2 is now in stock and available for purchase through select retailers in the UK.

Much like its predecessor, Pre-Train V2 aims to deliver a powerful combination of increased energy, strength, and performance. Where Adapt Nutrition’s sequel pre-workout separates itself from the previous version, is that it doesn’t rely on the same combination of ingredients or doses to deliver those effects.

While Adapt Nutrition’s Pre-Train V2 formula is different from the original, it definitely has its similarities. For example, there is a total of 11 main ingredients making up V2, with nine of those coming from the previous Pre-Train. A lot of the consistent ingredients have however had their doses increased including 4.5g of pure citrulline instead of 1.5g of citrulline malate, and 50% more betaine.

adapt pre-train v2

You can see the full label of Pre-Train V2 above with all of its ingredients transparently dosed, so you know exactly how much of each one you’re getting. The ingredients Adapt Nutrition fans may notice missing are arginine AKG, n-acetyl-l-carnitine, and coQ10, although in the brand’s defense it has replaced them with some new ones including theanine and dicaffeine malate.

Adapt Nutrition’s all-new Pre-Train V2 can already as mentioned, be found in a number of retailers across the UK such Monster Supplements. If you do decide to go there, you’ll be looking at paying £24.99 for a full 30 serving tub with two tastes to choose from in Blue Raspberry and Green Apple.