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Alpha Breed previews its rebrand and confirms three new supplements

alpha breed

Alpha Breed Nutrition has announced that it is rebranding its lineup of supplements for 2018. It has previewed its all-new look on its reformulated Alpha-M PCT. The post cycle product hasn’t had its label revealed yet but we do know it will feature tribulus, mucuna pruriens, ashwagandha, and vitamin D3.

We did already quite like the look of Alpha Breed; regardless it has switched things up this year and moved to a slightly busier label design. The brand’s previous look was pretty straightforward with red or silver text on a black background. Alpha Breed’s rebrand is very different from that as it is a lot more graphic driven.

Alpha Breed’s rebrand isn’t, of course, going to be stopping at Alpha-M PCT, in fact, it’s bringing with it a couple of other new supplements. The brand has confirmed that coming along with the updated Alpha-M PCT is a new version of its fat burner called Alphabuterol Extreme, and a pre-workout named Alter Ego.