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Run Everything launches Big Berry for its plant-based Vegan Pro

big berry vegan pro

Rob and Dana Linn Bailey’s supplement company, Run Everything Labs, is back again this month with another flavor for another current product. After adding a new option to its whey protein powder last month as well as at the end of March, this week the brand has introduced a new flavor for its plant-based protein, Vegan Pro.

The latest creation from Run Everything Labs for its brown rice, pea, and pumpkin protein blend is called Big Berry. The new flavor is now in stock and available through the brand’s website for $34.99, however Big Berry isn’t actually the most exciting bit of news from Run Everything today.

Along with the launch of Big Berry Vegan Pro, Run Everything Labs has announced that it will be releasing another new flavor every Friday, for the rest of May. That means the brand has three more options dropping over the next three weeks, making May an exciting month for fans of Run Everything.