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Catch all the excitement from the 10th BodyPower Expo at Stack3d

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Later this week from Friday to Sunday, the 10th UK BodyPower Expo is going down over in Birmingham, England. It is the biggest supplement exhibition in the UK and is set to have a lot of big name brands attending as well as big name athletes.

The list of companies that’ll be at BodyPower includes Barebells, the maker of our favorite protein bar, Redcon1,, X50 Green Tea, PhD Nutrition, Muscletech, and much more. On the athlete side, fans will be treated to an equally star-studded list with names like physique competitor Ryan Terry, Kai Greene, and 212 Mr. Olympia Flex Lewis.

Like with almost all the other major supplement expos, we’ll be attending BodyPower this year to bring you live coverage of anything exciting on the supplement side. We do already know of a handful of companies will be debuting some new products at the event, so we don’t expect to be short on news.

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