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Twinlab shares an interview with its Chief Science Officer about REAAL

twinlab reaal

Since Twinlab came out promoting the superiority of a full blend of EAAs over long-standing BCAAs, supported by its patented amino formula REAAL. EAAs versus BCAAs has been a pretty interesting topic in the industry, even more so as a number of brands have since launched their own EAA based supplements.

This week Twinlab has uploaded a video that goes into a lot of detail about REAAL and all of the science backing the patented ratio of EAAs in REAAL. The video is a question and answer style interview done by the brand’s athlete Brandan Fokken with Twinlab’s Chief Science Officer Greg Grochoski.

Brandan Fokken actually asks a lot of interesting questions about REAAL as well as EAAs in general. You get a lot of in-depth answers on topics such as the benefits of EAAs by themselves versus EAAs with whey protein, and the big question, why are EAAs considered more effective.

We’ve embedded the full video directly above, which runs for just shy of 25 minutes. If you’re at all interested in REAAL or even the EAA side of supplements, it is well worth watching.

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