Magnum shares another teaser hinting at another sweet Pre4 flavor

May 15th, 2018
bomb pop pre4

It wasn’t that long ago that Magnum dropped a teaser image that had us suspecting it was releasing another candy inspired flavor for its pre-workout Pre4. The teaser featured the classic berry gummy candy, which had us thinking we were in for some sort of berry gummy Pre4.

While we haven’t seen or heard anything more on the topic of the berry gummy possibility, Magnum has actually shared a second teaser hinting at another upcoming product. This one features a different kind of food item, although it still has us thinking it’s something to do with Pre4.

Based on what’s in the picture, we’re guessing Magnum’s teaser is hinting at a Cyclone or Bomb Pop inspired flavor for its Pre4 pre-workout. If we’re right about this as well as the brand’s last teaser, Magnum fans are in for a fair bit of excitement in the coming months.