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Pre-Workout Gummies from EAS featuring caffeine and Peak ATP

eas pre-workout gummies

We’ve seen plenty of gummy candy flavors for pre-workouts as well as many recipes to help you turn your pre-workout powder into gummy candy. This week, however, we’ve got news of the first brand produced pre-workout gummies we’ve ever seen, coming from the veteran supplement company EAS.

The unique new product from EAS is a part of its Myoplex Series and goes by the obvious title, Pre-Workout Gummies. The supplement is exactly what it sounds like, a pack a little gummy candy that you can eat to get pre-workout like benefits.

Packed into a serving of the EAS Pre-Workout Gummies, which is a handful of five gummy pieces, you get 150mg of caffeine to boost energy and 400mg of Peak ATP to help improve muscle pumps. The brand has also thrown in the performance enhancer beta-alanine dosed at 1.6g per serving.

eas pre-workout gummies

As you can see, the main ingredients behind the Pre-Workout Gummies are fairly straightforward. It is worth mentioning that the product does have some carbohydrates in the mix as well, with a five gummy serving packing 24g of carbohydrates, 14g of which is sugar, for a total of 100 calories.

You can now buy the new EAS Pre-Workout Gummies through with a variety of purchasing options. The gummies come in two flavors, Orange Frenzy and Pucker Punch, and cost $38.49 for a ten serving tub, or $3.70 each for a single serving packet available in cases of 12 or 36.