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EFX Sports announces its Training Ground Series EAA formula

training ground eaa

Fans of EFX Sports already have a BCAA supplement to choose from with the brand’s obviously named, Training Ground Series BCAA. Like a lot of other major companies however, EFX has announced that it’s launching another amino product featuring a full spectrum EAA formula.

The upcoming supplement will follow in the footsteps of EFX Sports’ Training Ground BCAA, and also be named after its main ingredient with the title Training Ground EAA. The product is going to have a total of 5g of EAAs per serving, which will, of course, include the three all-important BCAAs.

Outside of the total amount of aminos EFX Sports is putting in its upcoming Training Ground EAA, we don’t know all that much else about the formula. The only other detail we have to share at the moment is that the supplement is coming in two flavors with Georgia Peach and Cherry Bomb Pop.

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