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Epistrol enhances its recomposition ingredients with DecaSorb technology


The hardcore brand Killer Labz has completely unveiled its upcoming recomposition supplement Epistrol. The product is actually based around two ingredients you might have seen in numerous other supplements, although in Epistrol things are a bit different.

The two main ingredients in Killer Labz Epistrol are epicatechin (95%) and arimistane, dosed at 150mg and 35mg respectively, or 300mg and 70mg per maximum serving. Together the two features aim to enhance muscle growth and hardening, as well as provide weight loss support.


The reason the performance of epicatechin and arimistane in Epistrol is expected to be different, is that they’ve been paired with a unique absorption technology called DecaSorb. It combines decanoic acid sodium salt and 1-piperoly piperidine to increase absorption and bio-availability of poorly absorbed ingredients.

As far as we know, Killer Labz plans on launching Epistrol very soon with no exact date or week confirmed just yet. When it does finally arrive, if it’s like any of the brand’s other new releases, it’ll be available for purchase first through