New G Fuel variety box featuring five flavors picked by Riff Raff

g fuel riff raff pack

Gamma Labs is back again this week with another new release for its reliable, energy and focus supplement G Fuel. The latest from the brand is the Riff Raff Premium Pack, which is a stick pack box featuring five different G Fuel flavors selected by American rapper and Gamma Labs team member, Riff Raff.

Making up the brand’s Riff Raff pack is a total of 20 G Fuel stick packs with four each of Blue Ice, Grape, Cherry Limeade, Peach Iced Tea, and Rainbow Sherbet. The release is available at for the usual stick pack box price of $24.99, and if you’re one of the first 1,000 orders, you’ll get a free Riff Raff head band.