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Granite’s upcoming revamp is looking like a complete overhaul

granite pre-mium

Since announcing that it’s rebranding its lineup of products, Granite Supplements from John Meadows, has frequently been dropping sneak peeks of everything. While we’ve still yet to get any specific details on the rebranded products, we’re starting to get a better idea about what the rebrand is bringing.

So far Granite Supplements has shared four teasers for its upcoming relaunch, which has actually revealed the names of four products that aren’t in its current lineup. There is Intra-Carb, the presumably ketogenic formula Intra Keto, and two items that sound like pre-workouts with Hy-Stym and Pre-Mium.

The interesting thing about all of those names is as mentioned, none of them are from Granite’s current family of supplements. This is leading us to believe that the brand from John Meadows has a lot more in store for us than just a new look. It sounds like the entire lineup will be rebranded and completely renamed or possibly even replaced.

Everything is expected to be unveiled very soon, in fact, Granite Supplements said it would be debuting its revamped brand at this weekend’s Toronto Pro Supershow. From there we can’t imagine Granite taking too much longer to get everything revealed, released and available.