Top Malaysian brand launching a green tea flavored protein powder

green tea thermo whey

N8 Sports Nutrition is a brand based all the way out of Malaysia, that moving forward, we’ll be sharing updates on as they come in. N8 Sports is a growing company that already has a variety of products available with a lot of those being protein powders, although it does compete in a number of other categories.

We’re kicking off our coverage of N8 Sports Nutrition with news of a new flavor it plans on launching coming soon. The supplement getting another option is the brand’s weight loss infused protein powder, Thermo Whey, which currently comes in just two traditional tastes with Chocolate and Vanilla.

To give you a quick rundown on N8 Sports Nutrition’s Thermo Whey, as mentioned it combines protein with weight loss ingredients. Each serving provides 21g of protein from whey concentrate and milk protein, and two blends of fat burning components including the likes of green coffee, carnitine, and garcinia.

N8 Sports Nutrition’s upcoming Thermo Whey flavor is actually quite unique with Matcha Green Tea. While the ingredient green tea is something you’ll find in a lot of products, N8’s Thermo Whey would be the first time we’ve ever seen someone attempt to mimic the flavor of green tea in a protein.