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Ketomate combines MCTs for energy with brain-boosting ingredients


Everything you need to know about ANS Performance’s second ever ketogenic supplement Ketomate, has now been released. It turns out there is a bit more to this product than initially thought, as its formula does feature ingredients outside of the MCTs highlighted on the front of its label.

ANS Performance’s Ketomate is a supplement ideal for low carbohydrate and ketogenic dieters, designed to provide mental energy and performance-enhancing benefits. It comes in an extremely versatile powder that can be used as a flavor-boosting coffee creamer or also mixed with tea or a shake.


As for the formula behind Ketomate, ANS has packed it with 6g of MCTs per scoop from premium, all-natural coconut oil. Where the surprise comes in is the product also includes three mental focus enhancing ingredients with half a gram of tyrosine, 100mg of theanine, and 150mg of MagicLion lion’s mane.

As far as we know, ANS Performance still plans on launching Ketomate in five to seven weeks’ time, which should make it available sometime next month. When it does eventually arrive, fans will have two, appropriate flavors to choose from in French Vanilla and Caramel Macchiato, both packing 20 servings per tub.