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Killer Stack Labs pre-workout comes in a golden glass bullet

Tucked away in one of the corners of the 2018 BodyPower Expo is a very new brand called Killer Stack Labs. While it only just launched itself earlier this year, it is already available in a variety of countries and locations, and we feel it’s pretty obvious why the brand is getting the attention.

At the moment Killer Stack Labs has just two supplements available, a pre-workout called 0-HR and an amino formula called 2:1:1 BCAA that just been introduced at BodyPower. Both products feature some relatively solid formulas, although it’s not the ingredients or doses in the two that make them so attractive.

Killer Stack Labs has taken things up a notch with the presentation of its supplements and put them in packages, unlike anything we’ve seen before. Whether you can believe it or not, 0-HR and 2:1:1 actually come packaged in bullet-shaped bottles that are made out of glass.

killer stack labs

If the fact that the products are bullet-shaped wasn’t enough to draw your attention, 0-HR is also beautifully colored in gold, and 2:1:1 in a slightly more subtle matte black. The supplements do of course look incredible up close but then when they’re in your hands, the weight of the glass takes that experience even further.

You can get a closer look at Killer Stack Labs on its website; however, at the moment, only its pre-workout 0-HR is listed on there. The brand is currently available in the UK and throughout Europe, but also talked to us about expansion into more countries as well as introducing more uniquely packaged products.