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MyoBlox further enhances its pre-workout formula for Loco Cinco

loco cinco

MyoBlox latest limited edition release is due to drop later today, which is the Sherbet Margarita flavor for its pre-workout supplement Loco. The brand has nicknamed the product Loco Cinco, as it has been created to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Like MyoBlox previous special edition supplements, its latest limited creation features a few extra ingredients on top of the regular Loco formula. You can see that regular formula in the facts panel below, which for Loco Cinco, MyoBlox has combined with four more ingredients to further enhance energy, mental focus, and muscle pumps.

loco cinco

The added features MyoBlox has thrown in are 3g of citrulline, 750mg choline bitartrate, 25mg of n-methyl l-tyramine, and 12.5mg of isopropylnorsynephrine. The bonus ingredients are certainly exciting, especially since Loco does already pack quite the combination as you can see in its label above.

According to MyoBlox its limited edition Sherbet Margarita Loco, or Loco Cinco, is going to be available at exactly 6 PM Pacific Time today. The brand will be launching the product in a 38 serving tub through its own website, where Loco has a usual price of $54.99.