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Animal extends its McGrath Iconic Tee sale after selling out in a day

animal iconic tee

Earlier this week Animal launched its latest limited edition piece of apparel with a yellow on black Iconic Tee featuring Frank “Wrath” McGrath. The item was only going to be available through the brand’s website for just three days or until stock ran out.

Animal has announced today that the McGrath Iconic Tee actually ended up selling out in one day, not even coming close to its original three-day limit. While that does still fit with the brand’s other condition of being available until stock runs out, it isn’t going to leave those that missed out empty handed.

Due to demand, Animal has extended the sale of its McGrath Iconic Tee until midnight next Monday, with the same price of $28.95 through It has also put the product on back-order so all purchases in that timeframe will be fulfilled, there will, however, be a three to four week wait for delivery.

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