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Franky’s Bakery surprises with more than one new Zerup flavor


At the start of the week we reported on an all-new flavor being announced by the German functional food company, Franky’s Bakery. The flavor was Sweet Peanut Butter for the brand’s sugar-free, fat-free, and low-calorie sweet syrup, Zerup.

It turns out Franky’s Bakery has a lot more than just one new flavor for Zerup; it actually has a total of five. Alongside Sweet Peanut Butter there is a regular Peanut Butter that’s presumably not as sweet, as well as Chocolate Cookie, Milky Cocoa, and Chocolate Almond.

As per usual, the European retailer Gigas Nutrition already has stock of all of Franky’s Bakery’s latest releases. It has them available for its usual 425ml Zerup price of €5.57 (6.67 USD).