Cinco de Mayo MyoBlox Loco will feature four bonus ingredients

May 2nd, 2018
myoblox loco cinco

A couple of days ago it was confirmed that MyoBlox would be launching another one of its limited edition flavors inspired by and in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. That flavor is going to be Sherbet Margarita for its pre-workout Loco, and will be available for pre-order this coming Saturday, which is of course Cinco de Mayo.

The reason we’ve brought up the topic of MyoBlox’s Sherbet Margarita Loco again today is that it turns out, there is more to the limited edition release. The brand has revealed that much like its limited XO Roses Loco from earlier this year, Sherbet Margarita will feature ingredients not usually found in Loco.

While MyoBlox hasn’t confirmed what any of those extra ingredients are going to be, it has said the product will have a total of four added features. Those bonus ingredients are being included to further enhance the majority of Loco’s effects including energy, mental focus, and muscle pumps.