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One Basix is One Brands simpler, stevia sweetened protein bar

Everything you need to know about One Brands’ new and upcoming protein bar One Basix, has finally surfaced.. The product is intended to be as its name suggests, a more basic protein snack with a simpler set of ingredients. One Brands promotes One Basix with the tagline “It’s all you need. Nothing you don’t.”

Each 60g One Basix bar provides a traditional 20g of protein from a blend of milk and whey protein isolate. The other macros for the product, at least in its Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk flavor are 24g of carbohydrates with 8g of that fiber and a gram sugar, 9g of fat (3.5g saturated), for a total of 220 calories.

one basix

Fans of One Brands’ classic One Bar, may notice that nutrition profile above is very similar to the One Bar and wonder what’s so different about One Basix? As mentioned, it has a simpler or more basic formula that doesn’t include any sugar alcohols, gluten, or sucralose, and is naturally sweetened with stevia.

One Brands is due to launch One Basix in a total of three different flavors, all of which come with chocolate chunks throughout. The other two flavors outside of the above mentioned Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk are Cookie Dough Chocolate Chunk and Triple Chocolate Chunk.

one basix

The last we heard about the launch of One Basix is that it’s due to be available in stores sometime this month. If that is still true, then you can expect to see One Brands’ new One Basix protein bar on shelves within the next couple of weeks.