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Optimum Nutrition’s three piece Burn Complex Collection

optimum nutrition burn complex series

Optimum Nutrition recently launched a new series of supplements down under in Australia and New Zealand, much like how last year it released Protein Stix in the same two countries. The new family of products from Optimum consists of three different supplements, all of which are weight loss based formulas.

Making up what we’re going to refer to as the Optimum Nutrition Burn Complex Collection is Burn Complex, Burn Complex Protein, and Burn Complex Caffeine Free. Despite all of the products being quite different visually, the ingredients making up each of them are all just as similar as their names.

optimum burn complex

Optimum Nutrition’s regular Burn Complex is a typical fat burning powder, featuring a handful of commonly used weight loss ingredients. You can see its official facts panel above including highlights such as 1.5g of acetyl-l-carnitine, 250mg of caffeine, 65mg of CapsiMax cayenne, and 100mg of theanine.

optimum burn complex protein

Next on the list is Burn Complex Protein (label above), which is quite a bit like Burn Complex. It features almost all of the same ingredients at slightly different doses, with the two missing being Capsimax and guarana. To stay true to its name the supplement also has protein in the mix with 20g per serving for a total of 111 calories.

optimum burn complex caffeine free

Last but least you have Optimum Nutrition’s Burn Complex Caffeine Free. This one is as its title suggests, a caffeine free version of the regular Burn Complex. It features all of the same ingredients at the same doses unlike Burn Complex Protein, with of course the caffeine sources guarana and caffeine anhydrous removed.

A couple of the better supplement stores you can visit to get your hands on the Optimum Nutrition Burn Series include Massive Joes in Australia and in New Zealand. Both countries have three flavors available for each of the Burn products with options like Orange Lemon Lime for Burn Complex, Grape for Burn Complex Caffeine Free, and Vanilla Latte For Burn Complex Protein.