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Out Of The Lab’s Deca Pro features ten different protein sources

out of the lab deca pro

The growing supplement company Out Of The Lab, has revealed an upcoming product that’ll put it into a category it’s not currently competing in. The new supplement is, in fact, a very complex protein powder called Deca Pro, that features over ten different sources of protein.

The main reason it seems Out Of The Lab has put such a wide variety of protein sources in Deca Pro is to provide “continuous amino and nitrogen delivery” for “elevated muscle protein synthesis and great long-term gains”. The list of proteins in the product includes three types of isolate protein, three hydrolysates, and four slower digesting sources.

Out Of The Lab has also actually gone the extra mile with Deca Pro and made it a fully transparent protein. Despite having an impressive mix of ten different protein sources in its formula, it outlines exactly how much of its protein comes from each source. You can see in the graphic above how it all breaks down, for example, 34.2% of the protein comes from caseins, and 9.7% comes from whey isolate.

out of the lab deca pro

The impressive amount of protein sources combined with its transparency, actually makes Deca Pro one of, if not the most complex transparent protein out there. Out Of The Lab has also thrown in the clinically researched DigeZyme into the supplement to help with the absorption of everything.

Out Of The Lab plans on launching Deca Pro through its website and select retailers later this month. With only one week left in this month, that should mean Deca Pro will be out and available between now and next week. The product will be introduced in just the one 1.2kg tub size and the one, apparently, dessert-like flavor titled Blackout Chocolate.