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Halo Top announces Peaches & Cream, its latest limited edition flavor

peaches and cream halo top

Halo Top has announced, that the flavor it added to its Halo Top Scoop Shop menu earlier this week, is also coming to freezers near you in single pint tubs. That new flavor is the delicious fruity recipe Peaches & Cream, however, it does have an important detail worth sharing.

The new Peaches & Cream Halo Top is, in fact, a seasonal flavor, meaning it is only going to be available for a limited time. Fans of the healthy ice cream company should be familiar with this type of launch as Halo Top has done it many times before, such as back in February with Blueberry Crumble.

According to Halo Top, the Peaches & Cream protein ice cream will be hitting shelves over the next couple of weeks. It will be available through until the end of summer, so while it is a limited edition release, fans have a good few months to enjoy the product.

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