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Performa hints at a series of shakers for the 2018 FIFA World Cup

performa shakers

Performa has released a teaser that we can only assume is for its next big line of supplement shakers. The brand doesn’t really tend to hype anything else, and since its last lot of new shakers were launched back in March, we are due for something new from Performa.

Based on the teaser the brand’s posted, it looks like we’re in for something stadium sport inspired. Our guess is with the FIFA World Cup taking place mid next month in Russia, Performa could be doing a series of shakers based on the countries participating in the international event.

With 32 countries represented in the FIFA World Cup, if that is what Performa’s doing, we don’t imagine we’ll see a shaker for every nation. There is, of course, the chance the brand is doing something else entirely, either way, we should be finding out exactly what it’s put together very soon.

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