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The Gift Box by Phil Heath is both vague and intriguing

the gift box

During his still ongoing Mr. Olympia reign, the seven-time Olympia champion Phil Heath, has been involved in a lot of different brands and projects in the industry. The latest fitness related product he seems to be promoting is called The Gift Box, which is actually a subscription service by Phil Heath himself.

What The Gift Box is exactly, isn’t overly clear to us just yet. We did reach out to the team behind it via social media for more information but didn’t really get any more details outside of everything it’s already put out there.

Based on the information the brand’s put out there, we know The Gift Box is something you subscribe to, and each month you’ll receive Phil Heath’s own “top picks in health, supplements, workout tips, and more”. It’ll also connect you with you some kind of motivational community that “wants to see you succeed.”

Where it gets confusing is we’re not sure if The Gift Box is something physical or you’ll get an email each month featuring the mentioned health, supplement, and workout tips. At the moment the brand is just asking people to sign up to claim their space in The Gift Box program which you can do at

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