ProSupps partners with DJ Khaled to promote Hyde Power Potion

May 14th, 2018
hyde power potion dj khaled

We’ve finally got our answer as to why last week, ProSupps cleared out its Instagram account, deleting all of its previous posts and unfollowing everyone. The brand has now announced that it’s formed an official business partnership with musician and icon DJ Khaled.

The partnership is specifically for ProSupps energy and mental focus enhancing drink, Hyde Power Potion. The brand’s founder, TJ Humphreys has said “When seeking out a partner that embodies our core values of energy and performance, DJ Khaled was the first to come to mind”.

From the other side of the partnership, DJ Khaled has said “I’m excited to be a part of the ProSupps Hyde Power Potion team. Their vision and drive inspire and match the energy and excitement I have for the future of this partnership.”

The result of the two coming together will see DJ Khaled share ways in which ProSupps’ Hyde Power Potion helps him all day, every day. He will be posting about the energy drink on his massively followed social media channels as well as mentioning it at events, concerts, and other creative outlets.