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Olimp launches Pump Xplode led by citrulline and arginine

pump xplode powder

The giant European supplement company Olimp, has released a new pump pre-workout this month called Pump Xplode Powder. The product brings together a combination of fairly common pre-workout ingredients and like most pump formulas, it doesn’t feature any stimulants.

The formula behind Olimp’s Pump Xplode Powder is pretty straightforward, including ingredients for better muscle pumps and performance. It features 3g of pure citrulline, a handful of B vitamins, 2g of arginine AKG, a gram of beta-alanine, and to enhance absorption of everything, 5mg of black pepper.

pump xplode powder

You can read a little more about the latest pre-workout from Olimp on its recently revamped website at You can also purchase the new release through that site where it carries a regular price of €22 (25.47 USD) for a 33 serving tub, with two tastes to choose from in Cola and Fruit Punch.