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Royal Swole is Swole O’Clock’s $250,000 made-to-order masterpiece

Swole O’Clock has unveiled its new Royal Swole timepiece and it is as extravagant as the brand has been making it sound. The product is indeed another bold, bodybuilding style watch, however, it is unlike anything else in the brand’s current lineup.

Royal Swole from Swole O’Clock is currently a one-of-a-kind, as the brand has only made one of it. The way it works if you want to purchase your own, is you need to submit an inquiry to the brand through its website, notifying Swole O’Clock of your interest.

royal swole

Before you actually submit that inquiry, you may want to know a little bit more about Royal Swole, especially since it carries a price tag of $250,000. The main driving forces behind that value are the type of movement the watch uses and what it’s made out of.

Royal Swole uses tourbillon movement which is a very unique feature that’s designed to counter the effects of gravity to provide more accurate timekeeping. The other thing that ramps up the cost of Royal Swole is that it is made with an incredible 1kg of 18k gold.

royal swole

The look of Swole O’Clock’s Royal Swole is truly incredible, and so it should as the brand claims to have spent one year making this one watch. It features a gold case and strap, a royal blue face, gold numbers and hands, and a sapphire crystal cover with anti-reflective coating.

You can find out more about Royal Swole from Swole O’Clock’s dedicated website at That is also where you can submit your inquiry if you’re interested in purchasing one of the made-to-order watches for its incredible price tag of $250,000.

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