Tim Muriello’s Just Test Me! has a massive 12 capsule serving

May 26th, 2018
tim muriello just test me

Tim Muriello has added a testosterone boosting supplement to his lineup this week that finally gives his fans something a little less mainstream to add to their stacks. Like Muriello’s other products, his testosterone formula has been given a rather unique name with “Just Test Me!”

As you’d expect with all supplements from Tim Muriello, his new testosterone booster Just Test Me, features a pretty loaded formula. The product packs ingredients for anti-estrogen, PCT comeback, libido, prostate support, DHT blocking, and of course, overall boosting of testosterone.

To deliver all of its benefits, Tim Muriello has squeezed ten main features into Just Test Me for an incredible 12 capsule serving. That amount of capsules is actually the biggest we’ve seen for a testosterone supplement serving, and it’s packed full of effective and well-dosed ingredients.

tim muriello just test me

Making up a full serving of Just Test Me is 300mg each of DIM and indole 3 carbinol, 200mg of boron, 400mg of shilajit, ZMA, 3.75g of d-aspartic acid. Half a gram of long jack (10:1), 350mg of saw palmetto, and last but not least, black pepper extract to help with the absorption of everything.

You can grab Tim Muriello’s latest supplement creation now through his website at timmuriello.com. The new Just Test Me has been priced pretty competitively for a fully loaded testosterone booster, sitting at $44.99 for a 30 days’ supply.