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4+ Nutrition is launching an EAA in powder and pill form

4 plus mps

Our favorite Italian supplement company 4+ Nutrition, has unveiled an all-new product it’s dropping soon called MPS+. The name stands for “Muscle Protein Synthesis”, as the supplement is an amino formula designed to help improve exactly that, muscle protein synthesis.

The brand hasn’t revealed everything about MPS+ just yet, only enough to confirm some of the product’s main features. As mentioned the upcoming 4+ Nutrition release is primarily an amino supplement featuring a specific 5.252g of EAAs, 3g of which is BCAAs, along with KSM-66 branded ashwagandha.

4 plus mps

It is also worth mentioning that MPS+ has been pictured in two forms, powder and pill. The pill version actually promotes a different set of main ingredients compared to the powder version talked about above. On its bottle, it lists 7.82g of EAAs instead of 5.252g, 5g of that BCAAs, with Sustamine glutamine in the mix as well.

According to 4+ Nutrition, MPS+ is not all that far from launch, in fact it’s only a couple of weeks away. The product is currently due to arrive the week of the 25th of this month, which is only ten days away from today.