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Axe and Sledge goes with a blend of EAAs for its amino supplement

axe and sledge the grind

A line of supplements these days isn’t really complete without some sort of amino formula. Seth Feroce’s new brand Axe and Sledge Supplements does, of course, have one of those, with its relatively complex, full spectrum EAA product, The Grind.

Like all good amino formulas, Axe and Sledge’s The Grind hopes to help improve muscle recovery as well as hydration. To take care of the recovery side of things the brand has included over 9g of amino acids in the product with 5g of BCAAs, 2.3g of five other EAAs, as well as 2.5g of glutamine.

axe and sledge the grind

As for the ingredients to help with hydration, Axe and Sledge Supplements has packed The Grind with a gram of coconut water and a handful of electrolytes. You can see the full label for the product above which you’ll notice also features a gram each of betaine and ornithine AKG.

A full-size tub of Axe and Sledge Supplements’ The Grind packs the usual amount of servings with 30. The amino acid product is due to release on Thursday the 7th of June in two tastes with Tropical Thunder and a significantly more unique flavor option called Unicorn Blood.