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Olimp combines energy, pump and fat loss for Blackweiler Shred

blackweiler shred

Olimp has launched a new pair of supplements with Blackweiler Shred in powder and shot, similar of course to the European brand’s Redweiler powder and shot. Just like Olimp’s Redweiler family, the Blackweiler Shreds are pre-workout products designed to deliver a handful of convenient benefits.

What is it

The overall goal of Olimp’s Blackweiler Shreds, both the powder and shot, is to deliver increased energy and pumps, as well as some weight loss effects. They’re essentially fat burning pre-workouts, however, the shot doesn’t feature anywhere near as many ingredients as the Blackweiler Shred powder does.


Squeezed into the maximum, three scoop serving of Olimp’s Blackweiler Shred powder, are three transparently dosed, sets of ingredients. There is the pump matrix with 3.3g of arginine and a light 1.5g of citrulline, and for energy and performance, it has 3.3g of beta-alanine and 300mg of caffeine.

blackweiler shred

On the weight loss side of things, Olimp has actually packed quite a bit into the Blackweiler Shred powder. It includes 600mg of wasabi extract, 150mg each of green tea and ginger, 30mg of black pepper, 15mg of cayenne pepper, and 210mg of theobroma.

Powder vs shot

As for the formula behind the Blackweiler Shred shot, as mentioned this one is a lot simpler than the powder although it does have slightly higher doses of the few ingredients it does have. In total each shot packs 579mg of caffeine, 6g of beta-alanine, 3.9mg each of black and cayenne pepper, 49.8mg of ginger extract, and 300mg of wasabi.

Where to buy

Both of Olimp’s new weight loss infused, energy supplements are already out and available from retailers as well as the German brand’s own website. Through Blackweiler Shred powder will cost you €39 (45.62 USD) for 26 maximum servings in the one Orange flavor, and €32 (37.43 USD) for a case of 11 Blackweiler Shred shots also in only one flavor with Lemon.