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bodybuilding signature mass gainer

In the past week or two, has added two new protein powders to its own brand of supplements called Signature. Today that spree continues with another protein based product, although this one is a little bit bigger than its recently released Isolate and Casein.

The latest Signature supplement is Signature Mass Gainer. It is a mass protein formula, squeezing in a hefty amount of macros into a 211g serving size. The product’s nutrition profile is led by 67g of protein, then you have 110g of carbohydrates with 6g of that fiber and 8g sugar, 10g of fat (3g saturated), and a total of 810 calories.

bodybuilding signature mass gainer

Like with’s other protein supplements, it does break down all of the ingredients in Signature Mass Gainer and the nutrition they provide. You can see the outline of the product above and on where you get details like the whey isolate provides 27.7g of protein, and of the 110g of carbs, 90g is from maltodextrin.

You can buy the new Signature Mass Gainer now from the store’s website in a massive 10lb bag for $50. Each bag packs enough powder to give you 22 servings, or 44 if you don’t mind having half of the macros listed above, with two tastes to choose from in Chocolate and Vanilla.