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5% Nutrition announces its energized All Day You May Caffeinated

all day you may caffeinated

Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition has announced a spin-off of its long-running amino supplement, All Day You May. The upcoming product follows the trend of a lot of other amino competitors on the market by infusing the original All Day You May with energy.

The new 5% Nutrition supplement is simply named All Day You May Caffeinated, as that is exactly what it is. Based on what the brand has revealed so far, the All Day You May spin-off appears to combine everything from the original formula with an added 125mg of natural caffeine for energy.

The caffeinated version of All Day You May is currently said to be launching sometime soon in the one, rather unique flavor option, Vanilla Iced Coffee. The upcoming product does also come with some calories, although only a small amount at 10 per serving.