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Devotion Nutrition teaser features a glimpse of its all-new look

devotion nutrition

The team over at Devotion Nutrition has released a teaser video which is very fast passed, and at first doesn’t appear to reveal all that much. We decided, however, to slow it down and see what we can find frame by frame, and it looks like we might have found what it is the brand is teasing.

Devotion Nutrition has included a lot of different graphics in its mysterious video. Out of all of them, there is one that stands out above all the others, and it is what you can see pictured above. In the brand’s teaser clip is a glimpse of what appears to be a complete rebrand of Devotion and its two supplements.

As mentioned you can see the preview of Devotion Nutrition’s alternative branding in the picture above, which we’ve enlarged as best we can. In it is the brand’s protein powder in sachets and a traditional tub, as well as its mix and eat Flex Flavor, flavor packs, in their usual stick pack and box of 30 stick packs.

We’re not sure when Devotion Nutrition plans on completely unveiling the rebrand in its teaser, although we do know there is more to it. The brand has said its relaunch of sorts involves new products, with no clue on whether that means more flavors for its current items or actually, entirely new products.