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GIFD Labs’ amino aims to improve muscle growth and tendon repair

gifd labs essential amino plus

Jerry Ward has finally dropped a first look at his third GIFD Labs supplement, the amino formula Essential Amino Plus. The first look doesn’t show us the facts panel side of the product listing all of its ingredients; however, GIFD has confirmed all of its main features anyway.

The formula behind GIFD Labs’ still upcoming Essential Amino Plus is made up of three features. Those three are a full blend of all nine essential amino acids (EAAs), which does of course include BCAAs, along with collagen and biotin.

The surprising inclusions there are collagen and biotin, two ingredients you won’t find in many other amino supplements. GIFD Labs has provided reasons for throwing those two in the mix with collagen being there to support tendon repair, and biotin to promote a healthier metabolism.

The overall idea behind combining EAAs, collagen, and biotin in Essential Amino Plus is to create a synergy of improved muscle growth and tendon repair. GIFD Labs plans on launching the amino product soon which is said to be priced “the same or lower than the other EAA only products on the market”.