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Granite’s Thermo Burn formula is almost identical to Lipocalypse

granite thermo burn

Just like Granite Supplements’ original lineup, its updated one launching this coming Monday, does have a weight loss competitor. Surprisingly there is actually very little difference between the brand’s original fat burner Lipocalypse, and its replacement which is called Thermo Burn.

Granite Thermo Burn looks to deliver a similar weight loss experience as Lipocalypse, purely because the ingredients and doses it uses are almost identical. Every feature from the original Lipocalypse formula is in Thermo Burn except for Paradoxine grains of paradise.

granite thermo burn

The eight ingredients in Granite Thermo Burn are also dosed exactly the same as Lipocalypse, with the exception of Chocamine, which is 276mg per serving instead of 275mg. Everything else is identical including 34mg of Infinergy dicaffeine malate, 100mg of AlphaSize, and 125mg of TeaCrine.

As mentioned, the all-new Granite fat burner is due to be made available at the beginning of next week, presumably directly through the brand’s own website. We’re not sure on price just yet, but seeing as it has the same servings per bottle and one ingredient less, we suspect it’ll be cheaper than Lipocalypse.