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HydraPharm introduces its nootropic infused multi-vitamin Nootrovit


The UK company Hydrapharm, known for its unique and well put together supplements, has added yet another item to its lineup. The latest from the brand is Nootrovit, which when you break down its name, does confirm exactly what the product is designed to do.

Hydrapharm’s new Nootrovit is a clinically dosed, nootropic (Nootro) infused multi-vitamin (vit) formula. The nootropic side is there to improve mental focus and enhance cognitive function, while the vitamins are in the mix to promote and maintain overall health.


You can see the full label for the all-new Hydrapharm supplement above and for those in the UK interested in purchasing the product, you can head to Predator Nutrition. The retailer now has Nootrovit in stock alongside the brand’s many other supplements, at £29.99 (39.83 USD) for a full 90 capsule, 30 serving bottle.