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Predator Nutrition adds a basic lion’s mane formula to its family

predator nutrition lions mane

The UK supplement retailer Predator Nutrition recently released a delicious new flavor for its own brand of protein powder with Caramel Cheesecake Predator Whey. Today the brand is back in the headlines although this time with news of an entirely new product, not another option for a current one.

Available now from Predator Nutrition is a single ingredient supplement named after the one compound it features in Lion’s Mane. Each capsule of the new release includes the nootropic ingredient lion’s mane dosed at a hefty half a gram to help with mood, clarity, and cognitive performance.

To go with the launch of Lion’s Mane, Predator Nutrition has put together a bit of a sale on almost its entire line of self-branded products. The offer is buy one get one half price on everything under the Predator Nutrition brand except for its protein powder Predator Whey.