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Proccor previews IsoFed protein powder, a grass-fed whey isolate formula


Proccor has dropped a preview of an all-new protein powder it has coming soon called IsoFed. The brand does already has two protein supplements available with the whey blend formula Exclusive Protein and the whey isolate IsoFlow.

The new protein powder previewed by Proccor this week is along the same lines as IsoFlow, as it is also powered by high-quality whey isolate. It’s point of difference, however, is that it uses grass-fed, non-GMO, all-natural whey protein isolate, providing 25g of protein per serving with no fat or sugar.

We’re not too sure on when Proccor plans on launching IsoFed, although we assume it is soon since the brand has shared a real life picture of it. For now, we can confirm the product will release in at least one flavor with Mocha Coffee, and pack a total of 28, 110 calorie servings per tub.