SteelFit’s all-new Steel Beauty is all about hair, skin and nails

Jun 4th, 2018
steel beauty

SteelFit, the supplement company behind the topical products Abs Of Steel, Buns Of Steel, and Guns Of Steel. Has added another supplement to its lineup recently, that expands the brand’s variety of products as well as gives fans something quite different to add to their stacks.

The latest from SteelFit is Steel Beauty, a not so common type of supplement designed to help users in a number of beauty-related areas. The brand says it includes ingredients to improve skin hydration, reduce wrinkles, strengthen hair, boost collagen synthesis, and reduce stress.

steel beauty

Ingredient wise, SteelFit’s new Steel Beauty comes packed with a long list of vitamins and minerals, as well as a couple of premium, branded compounds. You can see the product’s full blend of ingredients above including vitamin A, C and E, Juvecol proteoglycan to support skin beauty, and BioCell Collagen for youthful skin and healthy connective tissues.

You can pick up Steel Beauty now directly from SteelFit’s official online store at The price on the beauty supplement is $39.95 for a 30 serving bottle, making it a little cheaper than the brand’s only other pink-themed product, the topical formula Buns Of Steel.