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Xendrine Neuroheat utilizes dual capsule technology for a full experience

xenadrine neuroheat

The weight loss specializing supplement company Xenadrine, has unveiled its latest and greatest fat burning creation, Xenadrine Neuroheat. The product actually features a unique technology that makes it a little bit different from previous Xenadrine releases.

The thing that sets the all-new Xenadrine Neuroheat apart from others is that it utilizes an advanced dual-capsule system. It is essentially a capsule within a capsule, with a different set of ingredients in each of the capsules, and each designed to deliver a specific experience.

Xenadrine Neuroheat’s outer capsule is said to support pill absorption and includes the mental focus enhancer choline. That feature is dosed at 60mg per three-capsule serving with two sources of choline making up that dose in choline chloride and AlphaSize branded alpha-GPC.

xenadrine neuroheat

The supplement’s inner capsule is where the bulk of its benefits come from with ingredients for energy, enhanced thermogenesis, weight loss support, and even more focus. That list of ingredients consists of grains of paradise, satsuma orange, green coffee bean, huperzine A, flowering quince, and 220mg of caffeine.

Xenadrine Neuroheat is due to be available sometime soon in a 60 capsule bottle, which is enough for 20 servings. If you follow the product’s directions a bottle should last you 11 days as it recommends one capsule twice per day on day one, then two twice a day, and from day three, three capsules twice per day.