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AmiNO Energy + Electrolytes combines aminos, energy and hydration

Optimum Nutrition has launched a spin-off version of its long-running and widely available energy infused amino, AmiNO Energy. The new supplement is mostly the same as the original with one key difference, which it confirms in its title, AmiNO Energy + Electrolytes.

Just like AmiNO Energy, Optimum Nutrition’s AmiNO Energy + Electrolytes is designed to provide an energy boost and help build muscle. What separates the new version from the original is that it also features a blend of electrolytes to support muscle function and hydration.

amino energy electrolytes

Regarding ingredients, AmiNO Energy + Electrolytes has everything AmiNO Energy has with a 5g blend of aminos as well as caffeine, green tea, and green coffee bean for energy. On top of all of that for hydration, it has a 440mg electrolyte blend consisting of sodium and potassium chloride, and magnesium oxide.

Optimum Nutrition’s all-new AmiNO Energy + Electrolytes is now showing up in stores as available for purchase in the one 30 serving tub size. It appears to cost a little more than the regular AmiNO Energy and comes in four flavors with Watermelon Splash, Tangerine Wave, Cranberry Lemonade Breeze, and Pineapple Twist.