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Axe and Sledge is working on a grass-fed whey isolate protein powder

axe and sledge protein powder

Despite being just over one month old, Seth Feroce’s new supplement company Axe and Sledge is already hard at work on a new addition to its family of products. The brand has revealed that it is currently testing a protein powder, which is a fairly mainstream type supplement, although one Axe and Sledge doesn’t currently have.

What we know about the upcoming Axe and Sledge protein powder so far is that it’s a high-quality formula powered by grass-fed, whey isolate protein. The brand has also thrown enzymes into the mix to help with digestion and is currently working on three flavors with chocolate, vanilla, and a mystery recipe due to release sometime this fall.

At the moment Axe and Sledge is only beta testing its protein powder, which suggests it probably won’t be released anytime soon. We will, however, be sharing any updates as soon as we get them, so if you’re an Axe and Sledge or Seth Feroce fan, be sure to stay tuned.