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Beyond Raw turns its Lit pre-workout into a carbonated beverage

beyond raw lit energy drink

The GNC exclusive brand Beyond Raw, has followed in the footsteps of a few other brands and turned its pre-workout Lit into a carbonated beverage. The product essentially gives you the ability to take the pre-workout experience anywhere you go, and it features pretty much the same combination of ingredients as the original.

Just like Beyond Raw’s Lit powder, the new Lit energy drink formula includes ingredients for improved energy and mental focus, as well as better muscle pumps and performance. The list of features in the carbonated version is actually close to identical to the original, but with one ingredient changed and one missing.

beyond raw lit energy drink

To help with performance Beyond Raw’s Lit drink packs 3.2g of CarnoSyn beta-alanine and 150mg of elevATP, and for pumps, 3g of citrulline and in place of Nitrosigine you have 2.5g of arginine. The only other ingredients are 250mg of caffeine and 100mg of NeuroFactor for energy and focus, with the one feature missing completely being creatine monohydrate.

When it comes to flavors, it looks like Beyond Raw has put together more than enough options for its followers. At the moment we can only see two flavors available on GNC’s website; however, there are images online of an impressive seven different recipes.

beyond raw lit energy drink

The two carbonated Beyond Raw Lit options that you can purchase now at are Snow Cone and Gummy Worm, both priced at $29.99 for a case of 12. The other five that can be seen in the picture above are Beyond Dew, Ginger Fizz, The Classic, Watermelon Candy, and Tangy Orange.

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