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Introducing Build Fast Formula and its well-dosed pre-workout VasoBlitz


Build Fast Formula is a very new supplement company that has started its journey in the industry with just the one product. While one product isn’t all that much, the quality formula behind it suggests Build Fast Formula or BFF for short, is a brand to watch.

The one and only supplement Build Fast Formula has available at the moment is VasoBlitz, a pre-workout product. Unlike most pre-workouts however, VasoBlitz isn’t an intense stimulant formula, it is actually a stimulant free pre-workout designed to provide dual nitric oxide support for better muscle pumps for your workout.

Build Fast Formula’s pump enhancing pre-workout features a short but effective combination of four main ingredients. Those ingredients making up VasoBlitz are pure citrulline dosed at a strong 6g per serving, 2g each of NO3-T arginine nitrate and calcium lactate, and 2.5g of betaine anhydrous.


Like with most new brands these days, one of the best places to purchase Build Fast Formula’s VasoBlitz is through its own website. Over at you can grab the well put together pump pre-workout for the very reasonable price of $34.99 for a full 30 servings.

When it comes to flavors, Build Fast Formula actually has quite a few to choose from with Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Fruit Punch, and an Unflavored option. If you don’t want to commit to a full tub, there is also a trial size Watermelon VasoBlitz available priced at $9.99 with seven servings per tub.