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Muscletech gets exclusivity on promising and patented CinDura complex

muscletech cindura

Muscletech has announced a partnership with an ingredient company called for exclusivity on a new and very promising patented ingredient complex. The innovation is the clinically researched herbal extract blend CinDura, made up of garcinia mangostana fruit rind extract and cinnamomum tamala leaf extract.

The reason we say CinDura sounds so promising is purely because of all of the great highlights we’ve read from studies on it. We’ve listed a handful of those highlights directly below, which involve some extremely impressive numbers and cover a variety of areas including strength, endurance, and lean body mass.

– Increased 1-RM bench press by 51.7 lbs. lifted vs. just 7.5 lb. in placebo group
– Increased 1-RM leg press by 64.6 lbs. pushed vs. just 11.5 lb. in placebo group
– Increased muscular endurance (as measured by # of reps on leg extensions) by an average of 6.6 reps vs. just 2.1 reps in placebo group
– Increased time-to-exhaustion (as measured by treadmill run) by an average of 4.9 minutes vs. just 2.5 minutes in placebo group
– Increased lean body mass by an average of 5.0 lbs. vs. just 1.1 lbs. in placebo group

As mentioned, Muscletech has partnered with the company behind CinDura for the exclusive use of it. The brand has said it will be utilizing the promising complex sometime in the third quarter of this year and you can look forward to seeing it in more than just one supplement.

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