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Controlled Labs introduces its incredibly unqiue fat loss formula Red Light

controlled labs red light

Controlled Labs continues its string of quality supplement releases this week with the introduction of a new fat loss formula. The product is Controlled Labs Red Light, however, it is far from your typical weight loss supplement featuring a unique combination of ingredients.

What is it

Red Light is, in fact, a fat burner infused with a bit of testosterone support and a digestion blend. It’s somewhat of an all-in-one type formula designed to help with appetite control, carbohydrate metabolism, enhancing testosterone, digestion, insulin regulation, and fat utilization.


The formula behind Controlled Labs Red Light combines three groups of ingredients, one for each of the categories it aims to cover. For testosterone, the product packs 75mg of horny goat weed, and for digestion, there is peppermint leaf, ginger root, and a handful of probiotics.

controlled labs red light

Rounding out the Red Light formula (label above) are five different features for its primary purpose, weight loss support. That includes 260mg of olive leaf, 200mg of cordia salicifolia, 150mg of theobroma (10% theobromine), 450mg of Hibiscus sabdariffa, and 175mg of the classic stimulant, caffeine.

Where to buy

Controlled Labs latest fat loss formula has been made available first through its own online store at Like other items on the website, Red Light has been given a high price of $62.99 for a full 30 days’ supply, so you can probably expect a much better price when it eventually hits retailers.