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Driven Sports previews Crz, the brand’s OG performance fuel

driven sports crz

Driven Sports has announced that it’s releasing a new pre-workout supplement inspired by its original hit product, Craze. The name of the supplement is a shorthand version of that original title in “Crz”, and so far, that’s all we really know about the pre-workout.

The only other details Driven Sports has revealed for Crz so far are that it’s coming in a Berry Lemonade flavor and will tip the scales at just 190g per tub. We don’t yet know how many servings Driven Sports Crz has per tub, but if it’s the usual 30, that’ll give the pre-workout a relatively concentrated serving size of 6.33g.

It is worth pointing out that Crz is different from Rize, which is another pre-workout Driven Sports has coming soon. The brand describes Rize as “an aggressive stimulant formula designed to last around 4-5 hours to fuel your workouts.”

More information is expected to be along soon, especially for Crz as Driven Sports is making that one sound like it is nearly here. We’re certainly excited to see what the brand has put together, and will be sure to share any updates we come across.